• Video Y018 - Mister Gremlin (song)

  • Experiment ____: Make a Gremlin-Free Zone

    Declare your home to be a “Gremlin Free Zone.” In Ordinary Human Relationship the home is the primary feeding ground for Gremlin. Gremlin views your partner and family as an all-you-can-eat Low Drama Buffet, open 24 / 7. You could make a pact with your partner, a sacred vow, both of you swearing on a stack of Conscious Feelings books never to allow Gremlin to again feed on the intimacy with the other. Gremlin is fully capable of gulping down enough junk food to keep its belly full by backstabbing at work, gossipping with the neighbors, or while shopping-lifting in the mall. No Gremlin feeding in your home!

    If your home is established as a Gremlin Free Zone, then it is also an Assumption Free Zone, an Expectation Free Zone, a Resentment Free Zone, a Conclusion Free Zone, and a Competition Free Zone. Your home becomes a sanctuary for the intimacy of not knowing, the intimacy of undefendedness, the intimacy of simple kindnesses, and the intimacy of Archetypal Love. Your home is no longer a known world.

    To start this experiment the practice is very clear: when you come home you check your Gremlin at the door. No words come out of your mouth until your Gremlin is sitting next to you and you have him on a short chain.

    Some couples have the practice of taking their shoes off at the front door because shoes carry dirt from the outside world and are not needed in the clean soft sanctuary of their home. Take your Gremlin off the same way. Enter your home naked, without plans, without needing anything, without shouting, “Honey! I’m home!” and thereby shattering the sanctuary space that was there with your Gremlin's Shadowy desires for recognition and enmeshment. Enter your home as if you have no personal history, and no history with your partner. Enter not knowing what will happen, prepared to create High Drama and lots of Yellow Stuff.

    If you enter your home environment leaving behind your Gremlin you will be able to appreciate the quality of things with unprecedented freshness. People will have possibilities that you never saw before. Simply breathing in the company of your partner will become like singing holy Hallelujahs.

    After a taste of being in your home-sanctuary with your partner and without your Gremlin, an intense series of questions could arise for you. Why would you ever want it different from this? Why would you ever let your Gremlin eat your life? Why would you permit your Gremlin to minimize and control such expansive and transcendental experiences? Don't hesitate even for an instant to tell your Gremlin to “Sit!” by your feet, and take care to feed him or her a controlled regular diet, elsewhere, anywhere else but at your home.

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